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Alex Day

The Future of Music

Andrew Slack

Orphans vs. Empires

Caroline Heldman

The Sexy Lie

Charity Tillemann-Dick

A Soprano Specializing in Miracles

Envision Dance


Grant Korgan

The Goosebumps of Life

Jackie Freiberg

Stand Out Leadership

Jordan Miller

Sweet Success: How Dessert Inspired My Research

Larry Smarr

You are a Superorganism

Lee Coulter

The Music of Life

Stacey Ferreira

Building My World on a Cloud

Wayne Earl

Dying is Inevitable

Ben Wynne

If You Can Imagine It You Can Create It – 3-D Printing

Jeff Zlotnik

The Power of Presence Through Meditation


Building Creativity Into Your Life

Spark Truck

A Spark of Possibility

Rocio Ortega

Finding Your Own Path

Daniel Wilson

When technology gets under our skin

Jim Mumford

Skyscraper farms and edible walls

Lindsay Hower and Jason Rogers

Play For Peace