Interactive Experience Salons


Diving Deep

Virtually explore Dr. Larry Smarr’s internal organs at a high-definition, advanced computer modeling demonstration by California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology. Calit2 is a collaboration between UC San Diego and UC Irvine that conducts collaborative research for our digital future.

Activating Your Brain

Try these Emoki animal ears that you control with your mind. Powered by NeuroSky brainwave technology, these ears move based on your brainwaves.

Thinking Outside the Brick

Interact with design software and the familiar building bricks to explore how to take the LEGO toy everyone knows from their youth and turn them into massive, complex, life-like and awe-inspiring models.

Making Magic

Get up-close with some of the maker magic happening at MakerPlace, an innovative workshop facility that provides members the machinery, tools, software and workspace for inventors, hobbyists and imagineers to bring their concepts to life.

Driving the Future

Get in the driver’s seat of the future of transportation with OnStar.  The leader in connected vehicle services will be showcasing an in-vehicle experience that gives all users access to streaming content from the Cloud enabled by the 4G LTE network. The prototype applications demonstrated will be streaming and sharing content among users in the vehicle, rear seat infotainment and video chat.  Share your ideas on the future of transportation via the Idea wall.



Constructing for Good

DPR Construction builds great things. They have developed special expertise in energy-efficient, sustainable construction. You can try out some of the tools and concepts they employ to track energy efficiency in buildings.

Feeding Your Soul

See, smell, taste and learn how Professional Chef Bridget Bueche uses different herbs to make healthy, flavorful dishes for the sample kitchens at Fixtures Living, upscale home remodeling and appliance boutiques in Southern California.

Jolly Green Living

Get up close and personal with a living wall and rainwater collection system. GreenScaped Buildings specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of green roofs, living walls, edible walls and rainwater harvesting systems.

Going Inside Out

Express yourself at the photo and idea booth developed by Outside the Lens™ (OTL), empowering young people to use digital media to create change within themselves, their community and their world. Your photo will be displayed on the large digital screen in the quad outside the gym and posted online after the event.

Nano Inventing

Discover how much electricity your touch delivers when you get your hands on some Power Felt, which the New York Times calls one of the 32 inventions that will “change your life.” Brought to you by Wake Forest Nanotech, a center of molecular materials research and technology transfer.



Stretch Higher

Strike a pose with Geri Portnoy, certified yoga instructor and director of Yoga Del Mar, a local yoga studio providing personal care and attention to students who wish to cultivate a lifelong yoga practice, which brings greater health and well-being.

Find Your Flow

Try Tai Chi and learn about the wisdom behind this ancient martial art from Matt Wolf, who teaches Kung Fu and Tai Chi at White Dragon Studio in Encinitas when he’s not writing epic novels about the hero’s journey.

Journey Within

Found all over the world, the labyrinth is an archetypal symbol for a pilgrimage or journey and they’ve been around for over 4,000 years. Take a peaceful walk on the TEDxYouth@SanDiego labyrinth as a way to center yourself, to open your mind,  and to ponder the wisdom of the day.

Write Your Story

Take a few moments of quiet to reflect on your day as you journal your thoughts, impressions and big ideas or send your dreams out into the world on the wings of an origami crane.

Breathe Deeper

No matter where you are, travel a bit deeper into yourself to find your breath while you learn about the benefits of meditation with Jeff Zlotnik of The Meditation Institute.